Why do people think their ideas are so valuable


One of the most annoying kinds of people one would ever encounter in their lives are people that believe to their core that their ideas are really valuable. Most often, such people bore you with detailed descriptions (and sometimes even images, videos and links to websites) that expand on their ideas as well. For an uninterested person, such a person is a major bore though to himself that person may be the smartest person alive. Here are a few explanations behind this delusion that people hold.

Positive reinforcement

When people that believe their ideas are truly valuable are able to find many other people that agree with them or marvel at their ideas, they tend to believe not only in teh truthfulness of that particular idea but in their own ability to generate marvelous ideas as well. For a delusionally opinionated person, this serves as positive reinforcement and the more supporters they find for their ideas, the stronger their belief that each one of their ideas is a piece of genius gets.

Yes men and suck ups

Very attractive men and women and people in authoritative positions often have a lot of people telling them how marvelous all their ideas are since others just want to get in these people’s good books. Since these people don’t receive accurate or critical feedback often, they end up believing, really believing, that all their ideas are really good all the time. Both yes men and suck ups have ulterior motives in providing such positive feedback for all their ideas though the person receiving such feedback may not always have the necessary emotional tools to sieve the sincere feedback from idle flattery and this may make them genuinely believe that all their ideas are good.