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Why Do Some Men Take Part in Movember

Why Do Some Men Take Part in Movember

If you have just heard about the word Movember and want to know more about it, then let us tell you that it is a unique event that is celebrated in several parts of the world every November. In fact, the word has originated by the mingling of two words – Mo and November. You will be surprised to know that this event is also known as No-Shave November, simply because men do not shave during the entire month of November.

If these facts are intriguing, then you may also want to know the reasons behind people taking part in this strange event. Actually, the word Mo means mustache. During the Movember event, men keep growing their beards and mustaches. During November, this is done to support the special cause of fighting against the disease of cancer. Taking part in this campaign signifies that the person wants to spread awareness about specific types of cancer that men may suffer from.

Organized by the Movember Foundation, this event targets to teach men about the diagnosis or detection of prostate and testicular cancer. Participating men aim to let others know the ways in which such cancers can be treated effectively. They raise awareness regarding the manner in which unexpected deaths from cancer can be prevented. Since it is highly important that men lead a healthier lifestyle, Movember participants are quite serious about improving their own health along with the health of other men.

In various countries, people become part of the campaign so they may focus on the improvement of men’s physical and mental health. Thus, they take up such issues and also contribute to Movember charities. The No-Shave November just indicates that men should save the money they would otherwise spend on hair grooming throughout the month. These savings can be donated to the nonprofit organization that runs the campaign. This is the reason people stop shaving during Movember.

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