Why Do We See Nightmares While Sleeping Soundly

Nightmares While Sleeping

While everybody would want to see the dreams that take them into a magical and happy world, some people also face tragic and disturbing nightmares while they are deep asleep. Actually, dreams only come when you are into a deeper phase of your sleep that is also called the REM (random eye movement) sleep. However, let us try to understand why some people often see nightmares instead of sweet dreams and wake up terrified and scared.

Dreams result from your ongoing thoughts. If you have a happy and contended life, then you usually see positive dreams. On the other hand, people with a lot of stress or tension in their lives often find the manifestation of it in the form of nightmares. Such nightmares may also result from a trauma or tragic incident that has occurred recently or not-so-recently in the life of an individual.

Apart from these reasons, it is also suggested by experts that nightmares may be spontaneous, without a specific reason behind them. While it is not a cause of concern in such cases, nightmares may actually become a clinical problem if these occur frequently and repeatedly. If it becomes too disturbing, then people must consult a psychiatrist or psychologist for immediate assistance.

In addition, habits like munching late-night snacks or taking some medications may be other causes of nightmare occurrence. These activities signal the brain to get extra-active or release certain chemicals in the brain that further cause nightmares. A sudden withdrawal from tranquilizers or alcohol may also lead to nightmarish dreams. Further, bad or scary dreams may result from sleep deprivation, though this reason is not confirmed by many psychological studies.

Most of the studies have revealed anxiety or depression as the major cause of nightmares in human beings. Thus, it is always suggested for individuals to take expert help if they are unable to manage constant stress from any situation or event in their lives.