Why Do Muscles Get Sore After Working Out

Muscles Get sore

You might experience soreness in your muscles after completing a tough exercise routine. This phenomenon is known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. Due to various physical activities, muscle soreness can occur. Thus, it is very natural to face discomfort or toughness in muscles after a workout. The main reason why this happens is that your muscle tissues may not be ready to experience the strain from an intense physical activity. If you are stretching your muscles beyond their endurance limit, you may face muscle soreness or even an injury.

You will usually experience DOMS when a lengthening contraction is performed by your muscles. Such eccentric contractions could include running downhill or a strenuous aerobics session. Any accustomed activity could lead you to experience muscle stiffness and pain for hours or days. It is actually a micro trauma to the fibers of your muscles. When your muscles adapt themselves to prevent any kind of likely muscle damage, it could result in soreness. In such a situation, a repeated attempt at the same exercise may cause bad muscle pain and toughness. One might also experience acute muscle soreness that is usually faced immediately after completing a strenuous exercise.

You may also experience little soreness at times when you perform static exercises. This mechanical damage to your muscles can be recovered through rest until your muscles are refreshed to take the strain of a workout. Most of the times, your muscles face microscopic tears that cause temporary pain and inflammation. Some experts suggest that such minor pains are an indication of your muscles getting adapted to your fitness regimen. At other times, your problem could be worse if muscle soreness maintains itself for more than 72 hours. Although you may not get immunity against muscle soreness, you may still prevent it by slowly increasing your workout intensity.