Why Do We Forget To Honor Our Dead

Honor Our Dead

There are several memorable places across the world, which remind us of those soldiers and army people who lost their precious lives in national and international wars. People love visiting such parks, museums and historical places, but there are only a few who truly remember the reasons behind developing these places. Although you may be appreciating the architecture and beauty of war-related historical monuments, do you actually think about honoring those dead soldiers who lost everything in those wars?

There have been such cruel wars in which not only soldiers but many common people also participated. They suffered the tortures of concentration camps, dark cells and killer jails. In some battles, civilians were also caught up for no faults of theirs. None of them thought that they would lose their limbs or would go dead because of war weaponry. The families of these dead soldiers have also faced the torture due to their sudden departure from highly destructive war fields. Realizing their pain would bring tears into your eyes too. Knowing about the ultimate price that our dead have paid for several global wars would make you understand the importance of honoring and commemorating them.

Wars have brought life-changing scars and injuries to the families of innumerable dead soldiers and civilians. However, they have still fought wonderfully with their unending troubles and the trauma of losing their loved ones in wars. They have made such sacrifices that are unimaginable. Though their wounds have disappeared with their bodies, their souls have left the marks of those carnages they endured. While we cannot witness their broken limbs and bodies or feel the pain caused by their wounds, we can surely experience their heroism by looking at their medals and honoring monuments. Such symbols would never make us forget the true patriotism held by the hearts of those who are now counted as dead.